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For your face

Ultherapy: You ask, we answer
Achieve the K-pop look without surgery
Dr. Terence Tan on firm, glowing skin
Dermal filler myths debunked
Laser treatments: Commonly asked questions

For your body

How do I get rid of stubborn body fat?
How to lose weight effectively
Say goodbye to your double chin with CoolMini
Which body contouring and firming treatment is suitable for me?

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What is Dr. Terence Tan's definition of beauty?
The face contouring treatments for achieving the K-pop look


What is cryolipolysis
How Do You Apply The CoolMini Applicator?
CoolSculpting: Which body areas can the CoolMini™ treat?
How does fat freezing work?

Dermal Fillers

Will fillers stretch my skin over time?
Can a nose filler shift out of place?
Which filler is right for me?
What can it be used for?

Fat reduction and weight loss

Dr Terence Tan's Approach To Slimming
When should we take medications for weight loss?
Weight loss: Can I eat more one day, less the next?
Weight loss, fat reduction, skin tightening: Which is for me?
HIFU: How does fat reduction with HIFU work?
Dr. Terence Tan's approach to slimming: Is it that difficult to slim down?
Dr. Terence Tan's philosophy on weight loss: Phase one
Weight loss: Can I still eat my favorite foods
Non-invasive treatment: Skin tightening options after excessive weight loss
Dr. Terence Tan's approach to slimming: Where can one go for help in losing weight?
Dr. Terence Tan's philosophy on weight loss: Phase two
Weight loss versus fat reduction
Fat reduction: How do I get rid of sagging skin after fat reduction


Laser treatments: Can they help in pore reduction?
Laser treatments: should I be worried about laser burns?
Laser treatments: Will my skin become dry and thin?
Laser treatments: Is there any downtime?


Ultherapy: Can you do it during pregnancy?
Ultherapy: Can it replace surgical facelift?
Ultherapy: Is one session enough?