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The Ultherapy Amplify Protocol

Have you done Ultherapy before, but felt that your treatment results are less than ideal? If that’s the case for you, you need to know about the latest Ultherapy Amplify protocol of 800 lines, which can bring you a more dramatic lift than before.

In the early days of Ultherapy, the treatment protocol for achieving a lifted, taut look was for doctors to deliver 500 lines or pulses of micro-focused ultrasound energy to the face and upper neck. The updated protocol, however, recommends that doctors deliver 800 lines instead, for a more optimal facelift.

Why is 800 lines better?


“While 500 is good, 800 is better,” said Dr. Terence Tan, Director of Halley Medical Aesthetics (Halley). This is because the increased density of lines for the same full face and upper neck areas can stimulate more collagen, giving you a more dramatic lift than before.

The Ultherapy treatment is also more comfortable with the 800-line protocol. This is because research has shown that the same clinical result can be achieved regardless of the intensity or power level of each pulse. Therefore, with the Ultherapy Amplify protocol, patients are getting a higher number of pulses of collagen-generating micro-focused ultrasound energy to their face and upper neck at an intensity level that is comfortable for them.

Watch Dr. Terence Tan explain the science behind Ultherapy, the non-invasive, no downtime face lifting treatment, and the Ultherapy Amplify protocol of 800 lines.

So if you are have been achieving less than ideal results with the old protocol, remember to ask your doctor about the Ultherapy Amplify protocol.

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