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Everything you need to know about Rejuran Skin Healer

We are always looking for products and treatments that will rejuvenate our skin and restore our youth. There is one powerful skin rejuvenation treatment in Singapore that is popularly known as 婴儿针 (ying er zhen) or the Rejuran Skin Healer treatment. It is described as a treatment that would give you “baby-smooth skin”, which is why it […]

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The Search for Youthful Skin in Singapore: Rejuran Skin Healers

Dr. Mark Lim of Halley Medical Aesthetics discusses the advantages of Rejuran Skin Healers treatments in Singapore. Anyone considering face rejuvenation will be sure to encounter a mind-boggling multitude of options, and this is further complicated by the broad (and vague) definition of “face rejuvenation” which may refer to many aspects including skin tightening, skin […]

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Rejuran Skin Healer Treatment

Fight ageing from within using the Rejuran Healer.

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