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Skin Tightening with Exilis Ultra 360

To defy gravity, we need help to stay up. We’ll need a boost or a lift so that we don’t flop to the ground.

Our face, too, needs constant lifting or our skin will sag. Our skin sags as bone mass decreases. Hollowness sinks in and wrinkles appear as collagen and elastin deplete. With gravity and ageing, skin laxity becomes even more obvious.

Exilis Ultra 360™ (Exilis) targets loose, saggy skin. This non-invasive US FDA-approved treatment combines two popular and medically-proven technologies – radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasound – to lift and tighten your skin. Regular sessions of face lifting treatments with Exilis are what we will need to maintain a firm and youthful mien. Areas that can be treated include the forehead, eye area, cheeks, jawline, and neck. Exilis can also be used on your body to firm loose saggy skin that is a result of weight loss, ageing, or post-body contouring.

This no-downtime procedure stimulates collagen and elastin regeneration to smoothen fine lines and make your skin supple again. Its built-in, highly-controlled heat firming system also ensures that the skin tissues are gently and carefully brought to 40-42°c, which is the optimum temperature needed to bring about a tightening effect. The integrated cooling feature of the Exilis treatment device also allows us to target heat to proper skin depth to achieve the desired results while ensuring a safe, comfortable experience. The feeling is like having a warm towel placed on your face during a pampering facial.

Eye Rejuvenation with Exilis Ultra 360

The Exilis Undereye Treatment is a 24-minute treatment specially targeted at the undereye area and area surrounding the eye. Loss of volume in the undereye area leads to pesky problems such as dark eye circles, which can occur due to the hollowed-out area under the eyes. By stimulating collagen growth, Exilis Undereye Treatment reduces appearance of dark eye circles and fine lines around the eyes.

So yes, you can now fear no gravity, fear no sag. Consult our doctor on how you can combine your Exilis treatment with other skin lifting treatments like Ultherapy® for a longer-lasting lift.

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