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Halley Medical Aesthetics offers a range of medical aesthetic treatments and technologies to address your face and body needs. All our treatments are administered by Dr. Terence Tan and his team using medical-grade instruments and ingredients.

Fat Reduction and Body FirmingEffective ways to get rid of fat forever plus other spot toning and skin tightening techniques.
Weight LossLose weight safely with medically supervised slimming plans and diet counselling designed just for you.
Body Treatment and Hair RemovalVeiny patches, unflattering tattoos, unwanted hair, scaly skin... begone.
Face Lifting and ContouringTurn your frowns into smiles with our lifting and facial enhancement techniques.
Face RejuvenationStart afresh with rejuvenation lasers and other delicate ways to lighten pigment, tighten pores, improve texture, and more.
Neck RejuvenationSubtract age and excess from your neck.
Eye RejuvenationWant to stow away the eye bags and erase the lines? See you soon.
Acne TreatmentStubborn scars and uneven skin meet their match with our arsenal of lasers, peels, and infusions.
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