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Neck firming with Exilis Ultra 360

To defy, we need help to stay up. We’ll need a boost or a lift so that we don’t flop to the ground.

Our neck, too, needs constant lifting or our skin will sag. Our skin sags as bone mass decreases. Hollowness sinks in and wrinkles appear as collagen and elastin deplete. With gravity and ageing, skin laxity becomes even more obvious.

Exilis Ultra 360™targets loose, saggy skin. This non-invasive US FDA-approved treatment combines two popular and medically-proven technology – radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasound – to lift and tighten your skin. Regular sessions of face lifting treatments with Exilis is what we’ll need to maintain a firm and youthful mien.

This no-downtime procedure stimulates collagen and elastin regeneration to smoothen fine lines and make your skin supple again. Its built-in, highly-controlled heat firming system also ensures a comfortable and safe treatment.

So yes, you can now fear no gravity, fear no sag. Consult our doctor on how you can combine your Exilis treatment with other neck lifting treatments like Ultherapy® for a longer-lasting result.

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