Can Fillers Help Us Achieve the Korean Cherry Lips? 
There is no debate. Lips are the symbol of youth and sensuality. Lipstick (even the “nude” ones) are a crucial component of any woman’s makeup arsenal. It does suck that we have to wear masks all day nowadays (it’s called being socially responsible!), and it’s unsurprising we are only too happy to take them off for a photo op to show off our smiles. Lips go beyond visual appreciation; it would be criminal to neglect how they fulfil our senses of touch and taste as well. Lips give themselves to motherly tenderness and romantic connections. Lips give, and receive.

As we know, our face ages when we start losing skin elasticity and soft tissue volume. This is perhaps most noticeable on our lips. Thin lips give a more matured, stern, masculine look while full, luscious lips give a more youthful, sensual, feminine appearance. Lip fillers provide an elegant solution to volumizing and hydrating the lips but unfortunately have had to endure a bad reputation for creating unnatural, oversized lips.

Pony, Korean influencer with beautiful cherry lips.

Korean cherry lips is the popular new beauty trend amongst those seeking lip augmentation. This emphasizes volumizing the lips while preserving their natural shape. The results we should expect to achieve include a hydrating effect, restoration or enhancement of lip volume, improvement of lip wrinkles and enhancement of lip definition. To achieve this look, we focus on the lip margins and lip tubercles of “pillows” while avoiding excessive volumizing of the lip corners. Importantly, we can easily avoid unnatural outcomes by using judicious amounts (bigger is not always better) of non-permanent hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers (permanent fillers do not age naturally with the rest of the face resulting in an eventual unnatural look).

Cherries are delicious!

Heizle, Korean influencer with natural and full lips.


Are lip fillers painful? 

There is understandable apprehension because the lips are perceived to be very sensitive but most experience a bearable discomfort. Topical anaesthetic cream greatly reduces the sensation of pain although the sensation of movements remains. Local anaesthetic mixed in with most HA fillers reduces pain sensation further.

Are there any side effects to lip fillers? 

Bruising occurs uncommonly, and are usually small. They resolve in 5-7 days. Icing helps reduce discomfort and the risk of bruising.

Vascular occlusion (when fillers enter blood vessels and interrupt blood supply causing skin/ lip necrosis) is rare. This risk is greatly reduced with sound anatomical knowledge and proper injection technique.

What else should I expect? 

More commonly, patients may experience numbness, lumpiness or swelling.

Numbness may persist for 1-2 hours post-procedure due to anaesthetics used. I usually advise my patients to avoid hot drinks to prevent scalding their lips.

Some patients feel lumps in their lips which are not visually perceptible but can last for weeks before integrating with the soft tissue. This seldom bothers my patients.

Swelling often occurs as HA fillers are hydrophilic and draw water to the surrounding tissue. This subsides gradually over 5-7 days. I advise my patients to do gentle lip massages.

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