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Infusion Treatments

Nourishment for the skin can remain just that — skin deep. Infusions, on the other hand, go deeper by prepping the skin for nourishment and treatment from within. With non-invasive infusions, special equipment is used to exfoliate damaged skin cells and deliver customised serums to treat skin for a variety of concerns.


1. Vitamin C Infusion Treatment

Vitamin C should be in everyone’s skincare arsenal as this ingredient is capable of delivering a multitude of benefits. It is a potent anti-oxidant that helps prevent wrinkles from forming, counters photodamage, aids in the production of collagen, hydrates the skin, helps heal wounds like acne-related blemishes, and is effective in fighting acne. Other than applying vitamin C serums to our face, we can infuse using iontophoresis, a series of gentle electric pulses, to push vitamin C deeper into the skin to ensure absorption. Best to combine this treatment with a glycolic acid peel, which sloughs away dead, damaged skin to ensure optimal absorption of vitamin C.

2. Aqua Infusion (Anti-Ageing or Oil Reduction and Acne)

The face is first prepped by cleansing and exfoliating the skin to remove grime, dirt, and dead skin cells that will prevent the optimal absorption of the serum which is then pumped into the skin using electroporation technology. This is the process in which an electrical field is applied to our skin cells. This increases the permeability of the cell membrane to ensure that the serums are delivered into the cell. The Aqua Infusion treatment can be used for anti-ageing or for treating acne.

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