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Hydration with Skin Booster

Our bodies are made up mostly of water, which keeps our skin plump and looking luminous. But as we age, our collagen production drops and so do our hydration levels, so our skin loses radiance and needs the help of moisturisers to remain well-hydrated. Now imagine being able to hydrate the skin from within? That is what hydrating skin boosters do.

What are skin boosters?

Hydrating skin boosters are microinjections that introduce moisture into the skin, keeping it smooth, firm, and plump. They are often used as part of a treatment combination to contour faces and restore shape. They are also effective in rejuvenating skin and putting the glow back into tired faces.At Halley, our skin booster treatment introduces hyaluronic acid into the face, which is a natural compound found in our body that maintains hydration in the skin.