Show Off That Defined Jawline of Your Dreams with Juvederm Volux

Looking for a non-surgical treatment for that defined jawline and projected chin? Turn to Juvederm Volux.

What would you like to see if you looked into the magic mirror? A well-defined jawline and sharper chin? Thankfully, it’s no longer just a dream because Juvederm® Volux, the latest dermal filler in town, can grant you the definition and projection you desire for your jawline and chin.

The newest addition to the Juvederm family, Volux’s tagline is “Sculpt It”, because that’s exactly what it can do for your jawline and chin. This is the first hyaluronic acid (HA) facial filler in the Juvederm series that is dedicated to the lower face. According to Allergan, the company behind the Juvederm brand, Volux has a high level of cohesivity and elasticity, which gives a long-lasting yet natural-looking result. A defined jawline that is also long-lasting? You bet!

Alternative to invasive surgery

For those of us who prefer non-surgical methods of enhancing our face, dermal fillers are a good alternative. They give long-lasting and natural-looking results, have zero downtime, and can be used to achieve desired results in multiple areas of the face. Areas that can be enhanced include the forehead, nose, undereye area, cheeks, jawline, and chin.

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Juvederm Volux

There is a variety of dermal fillers in the market, and Halley Medical Aesthetics (Halley) carries a wide range, from HA fillers such as Restylane,Belotero, and the other members of the Juvederm family, to non-HA fillers such as Ellanse and Sculptra. Name the area you want to improve, and there’s probably a dermal filler for it. Juvederm Volux, however, is designed from the get-go for the lower face as a chin and jawline filler. To find out if Volux is suitable for your needs, please consult an aesthetic doctor.

Combine with Ultherapy for a more youthful, defined jawline

Like other fillers, Juvederm Volux can be combined with Ultherapy®, for a more dramatic lift. Ultherapy uses micro-focused ultrasound energy to lift the loose, sagging skin around the cheeks and jaw area. With a firmer, more lifted jawline, a dermal filler injection to the same area will give a more defined jawline that is natural looking and youthful at the same time.

This is what Dr. Terence Tan of Halley calls the “Sandwich Method” for treating sagging skin. This strategy of combining Ultherapy with dermal filler targets two key issues that occur in the face when we age, explains. Dr. Tan, who is the Founder and Medical Director of Halley. The first is the loss of facial volume, which results in the second problem – loose or saggy skin.

Dr. Terence Tan’s “Sandwich Method”

The first step of Dr. Tan’s “Sandwich Method” is using dermal fillers to lift the skin from underneath, thereby giving it volume. The second step is ‘layering’ the filler by using Ultherapy to add volume to the skin, while firming and tightening it to reduce saggy skin and wrinkles. It is because of this layering technique that Dr. Tan came up with the name “Sandwich Method”. It’s definitely easy to remember and very apt too, because sandwiches are best when they are stacked up high!

Ready to up your face game? Then Sculpt It with Juvederm Volux and pair it with Ultherapy for that killer-defined jawline and chin!