CoolSculpting at Halley: 2000 treatments in 2019 - Halley Medical Aesthetics

When the team at Halley Medical Aesthetics (Halley) says, “We do more”, they do indeed do more. Building from its experience of being Allergan’s “CoolSculpting Club 1000 Member” in 2018 for 1,000 CoolSculpting fat removal treatments done that year, the clinic is now a “CoolSculpting Club 2000 Member”. This is for completing 2,000 CoolSculpting fat removal treatments in 2019.

Dr. Terence Tan, Medical Director of Halley received the “CoolSculpting Club 2000 Member” plaque in July 2020 on behalf of the clinic from Allergan, the pharmaceutical company behind CoolSculpting. Unlike invasive liposuction treatment, CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis to freeze and removal unwanted fat cells from our body without the need for surgery. This no downtime, non-invasive fat removal treatment is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA). Research has shown that CoolSculpting can remove 20-25% of fat cells in the treated area after one treatment.

The achievement of being part of Allergan’s “CoolSculpting Club Member” honour roll for two consecutive years reflects Halley’s experience in offering an effective CoolSculpting treatment to patients who step through the clinic door. Patients are also able to complete their body makeover through its sister clinic, Halley Body Slimming Clinic, with its wide range of weight loss, skin tightening, muscle toning, and other fat reduction treatments.

Our lead doctor, Dr. Terence Tan has been on various regional and global CoolSculpting Advisory boards. The desire to improve the provision of CoolSculpting through research has always been a priority at Halley. Dr Terence Tan’s research has been presented in various medical conferences worldwide.

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