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Weight Loss

Many questions — and myths — surround the topic of weight loss. We all know that exercising is a good way to lose weight, but which exercises are most effective for our body and lifestyle? How much weight should we lose? What about the nutritional aspects of weight loss? What are the best types of foods for us and the right amounts to eat, and should we take medication to help us along? Which diets really work?

At Halley Medical Aesthetics, we are passionate about answering your questions and guiding you on the right path to weight loss and slimming. Our programmes are designed based on Dr. Terence Tan's philosophy that weight loss need not and should not be a painful and lonely journey.

A healthy and effective weight loss programme is best conducted under medical and dietary supervision. This is why our clinic also has a qualified nutritionist in-house to design a diet plan that suits your lifestyle and preferences, and oversee your progress as well. The result is a customised weight loss plan and personalised nutrition counselling dedicated to your needs.

All our slimming programmes can also be paired with fat reduction treatments like CoolSculpting® and skin tightening programmes to contour and firm up the body.

What to expect when seeing the doctor

Your consultation with the doctor will enable him to design a weight loss programme based on your key body statistics, preferences, and lifestyle. It has to be not only safe but also practical to be effective.

You will undergo a full-body check-up that includes a full-body examination, body fat analysis, body mass index (BMI) analysis, waist circumference measurement, and blood pressure measurement.

The doctor will work closely with the nutritionist to ensure that the programme works well and to help you stay on track with the plan. He may also prescribe food and drug administration authority-approved weight loss medications and nutritional supplements to aid you in your weight loss, and fat reduction therapies like CoolSculpting or body firming treatments to further contour your physique.

What to expect when seeing the nutritionist

During your consultation, the nutritionist will measure and analyse your key body statistics to determine your optimal weight and craft a nutrition strategy to help you achieve your goals. She will provide insights on dieting, healthy eating, exercising, and lifestyles, as well as discuss common misconceptions on dieting and nutrition.

If meal replacement is part of your weight loss solution, the nutritionist may prescribe Optifast, a meal replacement product by Nestlé, during your slimming consultations. Optifast is a meal replacement product dedicated to clinic-use, and which needs be consumed under the guidance of a qualified nutritionist or doctor. It is a clinically-proven meal replacement product to help overweight patients lose excess weight, improve health, and lower weight-related health risks.

What to expect post-treatment

For a good and accurate gauge of how successful you have been in losing weight, Dr. Terence Tan will conduct a full-body health check at the end of your programme. He will also highlight the areas you should watch out for as your continue your journey to healthier living.

Weight management medication

Eating healthily and exercising regularly are the basics of an effective weight loss strategy. But weight loss is a mental exercise as much as a physical one, and we need all the help we can get to keep the weight down. Prescription weight loss drugs can be used in tandem with dieting and exercise strategies but it has to be taken under the watchful eye of a doctor.

When combined with a healthy diet, exercise, and behaviour modification, weight management medication can set you up on a steady start to weight loss.

  1. Total Slim Programme $990
    7 slimming consultations (1 hour) with qualified nutritionist + 4 doctor consultations + 3 types of medications for 3 months

  2. Quick Slim Programme $800
    4 slimming consultations (1 hour) with qualified nutritionist + 4 doctor consultations + 3 types of medications for 3 months

  3. Mini Slim Programme $660
    3 types of medications for 3 months + 4 doctor consultations

  4. Active Slim Programme $930
    4 slimming consultations (1 hour) with qualified nutritionist + 12 boxes of Nestle Optifast meal replacement shake + 2 boxes of Nopal weight loss supplement

  5. Nutritional Counselling $100
    Instead of a programme, you may also book a 1 hour session with the nutritionist for slimming/nutrition advice.

Prices include GST

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