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Acne Treatment

Two of the worst things about growing up? Bad breakups and bad acne. Not much we can do about the first nightmare but we can certainly help with the second one.

Acne occurs when too much sebum (an oily or waxy matter produced by sebaceous glands), mixed with dead skin cells, form a plug in the pores of our skin. The pores get blocked, bacteria sets in to create redness and swelling and pimples form. This may lead to pus-filled infections, breakouts, wounds, and scarring.

Acne doesn't cause major problems to our health but when it is highly aggravating and persistent, the stubborn scars and uneven skin caused by acne can do great damage to our self-esteem, long after we enter adulthood.

What we have assembled together is an arsenal of lasers, peels, and infusions to treat the problem, battle those scars and smoothen your skin. We may also prescribe oral medication and topical creams and gels to address the causes of the acne.

We believe in treating acne with a holistic, multi-step approach, by ridding the acne at its root, getting rid of pigmentation, reducing redness, and removing the scars.

Price List

Acne Laser TreatmentLaser treatments specially put together to land a power punch in your fight to regain skin health.
Acne Scar TreatmentResurfacing lasers that zap away acne scars.
Chemical Peels and MasksGlycolic acid peels and ECO2 masks gently work to reveal younger skin beneath.
Light and RF TreatmentsLight-based techniques stimulate skin to produce collagen and elastic fibres, for firm, smooth skin.
Infusion TreatmentsVitamin C Infusions and Aqua Infusions for anti-aging and acne send in help directly to where it is needed most.
Treatment Facials and Skin TreatmentNot just any facial but doctor-conceptualised treatments to give your skin a new lease of life.