The Asian fascination with the v-shape face | Halley Medical Aesthetics

Achieve the Korean V-shape face beauty dream without the need for invasive surgery.

The Hallyu or K-wave has arguably influenced the perceptions of beauty on every shore that it has descended upon. It has become (and still is) a global phenomenon and all eyes are fixated on the Asian nation for developments and trends when it comes to looking beautiful.


V-shape Face: V for Victory?

Up till the K-wave phenomenon, our idea of beauty has always been influenced by Western standards, courtesy of the different media–television, magazines, and others. The emergence and meteoric rise of Korean dramas for one paved the way for the ‘everything-Korea’ syndrome. At the same time, it purported a new standard of beauty that’s closer, more attainable, and desirable because of the similarity in our Asian features and culture. And the v-shape face is one of the most desirable features that is made popular by the rising popularity of K-pop stars and tv celebrities.

The hallmark of a Korean beauty is a slim lower face creating a v-line accompanied by sharper facial features, fuller eyes, rounder forehead, and fairer blemish-free skin. The main attraction of this is that it leaves you looking more pleasant and younger as well. The fascination and demand for this look are staggering not only amongst Koreans but also prevalent in other parts of Asia. It is so popular that over time, products such as face masks and serums have appeared all promising you that v-shape end-result!


V-shape Face: What’s your beauty wish?

Given the opportunity, many of us wish we could change some parts ourselves. This is partly why the cosmetic industry is making a brisk business selling items like eyelash falsies, coloured lenses, and cosmetics to help shape and contour to create the illusion of say, a higher nose bridge. Then there is also surgery to put people’s beauty dreams into reality—permanently. But before you buy that plane ticket to Korea, Singapore provides a safe alternative with its myriad of non- and minimally-invasive treatments.


“Everyone wants to look beautiful and many are travelling to countries like South Korea in search of their Korean beauty dream with the help of plastic surgeons. But getting the surgery done overseas is not only risky, it can also be costly, time-consuming, and traumatic, especially if there are complications. Doctors in Singapore can deliver the same results safely and at less cost without surgery, using the latest techniques and medical tools,” says Dr Terence Tan, Director, Halley Medical Aesthetics .

For example, The v-line face can be achieved by a combination of machines and thread lifts. Ultherapy is a US FDA-approved procedure, which utilises focused ultrasound energy for non-surgical skin tightening. When directed at a deeper level, Ultherapy is effective for the cheek fat pads as well. Thread lifts are also effective methods for producing long-lasting lifting of the cheek fat pad for that v-shape face. Experienced doctors will combine complementary treatments too for dramatic results. At Halley, for instance, Dr Tan combines Botox of the jaw with Ultherapy to the cheeks under the clinic’s V-Face Programme.

The phenomenon of the v-shape face and the huge success it has in Asia perhaps boils down to identity. We’ve always looked to the West but now we can stand proud, shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the world when it comes to looking beautiful.