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Our Concept


We believe that a multitude of factors contribute to skin health and beauty. That is why having treatment strategies that combine several treatment modalities that maximise effectiveness and reduce downtime is a good way to firmer, healthier, clearer, and more youthful skin. For instance, while doctor treatments are highly effective in enhancing one's looks, they should be paired with complementary treatment facials and a healthy skincare regime for the maintenance of one's looks.


With medical aesthetic treatments by our experienced doctor, Dr. Terence Tan, who has been trained by renowned Korean plastic surgeons and medical aesthetic experts. Dr. Tan's techniques are non-invasive, on trend, and his focus is to continually adapt innovations in modern medical technology to better serve our patients.

Our medical aesthetic treatments can help you:


You've finally done the makeover that you've always wanted. Whether it's a thread lift, shaping of the jaw with , fillers of the cheeks and nose, don't let it all go to waste. Ensure that your skin remains hydrated, smooth, fair, blemish-free, and firm with our treatment facials and Brilliance skincare regime.

Each of our treatment facials is created and conceptualised by Dr. Tan to ensure maximum results with zero downtime. They work because of our doctor's pairing of three 'beauty weapons' in each treatment facial:

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Beauty weapon #1

Brilliance skincare system, the clinic's line of cosmeceuticals delivers nutrients and beauty compounds to where they are needed most.

beauty concept 2

Beauty weapon #2

High-end medical equipment to achieve the desired results.

Facial techniques

Beauty weapon #3

Facial techniques (e.g. manual lymphatic drainage or MLD massage) from experienced therapists.