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When it comes to slimming, exercising is a good way to lose weight but do you know what exercises are most effective for your body? How about the foods to eat and the medication you can take to help you in your weight loss journey. This programme can also be paired with any fat reduction treatments like Zeltiq CoolSculpting and skin tightening programmes to contour the body as well.

This comprehensive slimming programme is a doctor-managed three-step weight management program:

Step #1: Full-body check-up
For optimal result, this health check-up enables the doctor to create a holistic, comprehensive, and effective weight loss plan for you. It includes:

  • Full-body examination
  • Body fat analysis
  • Body mass index (BMI) analysis
  • Waist circumference measurement
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Fasting cholesterol blood test
  • Diabetic screen

Step #2: A personalised weight loss programme
You will not be alone in your weight loss journey. Once the doctor has created your personal weight loss programme, he will follow your progress through three consultations over a period of three months. This programme will also include:

  • Lifestyle and diet counselling
    The key to weight loss success is a change in lifestyle and diet. Our doctors will guide you and encourage you during your weight loss journey.
  • Medication
    Clinically tested weight lost drugs will be prescribed curb appetite and inhibit fat absorption to complement your weight loss regime.

Step #3: Post-programme health check
For a good and accurate gauge of how you are performing during your weight loss journey, our doctors will conduct a health check at the end of the programme. It will also help highlight areas to watch out for as your continue your journey to a healthier life. The health check includes:

  • Medical evaluation
  • Body fat analysis
  • BMI analysis
  • Waist circumference measurement
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Fasting cholesterol blood test

Pair your Total Slim Programme with our Total Sculpt Programme for a slim and sculpted body. Talk to us for more details of this combined Slim Sculpt Programme.