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Halley's Signature Rejuvenation Facial

Think baby soft skin on your face. Say goodbye to your wrinkles too. This luxurious treatment facial rejuvenates dry and dull skin, giving you a fresher and more youthful look.

Why this treatment facial

We all wish we can turn back the clock to our baby years where our facial skin is soft and smooth as silk. But as we age, our skin becomes more fragile, thinner, and loses its youthful appearance. Wrinkles appear around our eyes, fine lines form around the lips, and age spots surface on our hands. Although some of these are natural and unavoidable, many visible signs of aging are caused by the sun.

The ultraviolet radiation (UVR) that affects the skin comprises UVA (long-wave) and UVB (short-wave) rays. While UVB rays causes sunburn, the UVA rays are responsible for much of the damage we associate with photoaging. UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermis (middle layer of our skin), where they damage the collagen fibers and elastin. This leads to sagging and formation of wrinkles. Collagen level is depleted too, resulting in leathery skin. Other visible effects of photodamage include uneven pigmentary (colour) changes, broken blood vessels, and roughness on the skin surface.

While wearing sunblock can combat photoaging, we can also rejuvenate the skin through monthly facials to encourage the growth of collagen fibres. Our Baby Smooth Skin treatment facial gently exfoliates the skin to encourage the growth of smooth, new skin while delivering serums and creams deep into the skin at the same time. It also rejuvenates the skin by improving skin texture, removing fine lines, reducing pores, and brightening the face.

Best for

Smoothening rough skin
Treating sun-damaged skin
Erasing fine lines and wrinkles


Liquid diamond dermabrasion, dynamic pulsed light