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Always wanted a v-line face, high cheekbones, high nose bridge, bigger eyes, and fairer skin? We can do all that for you without the need for expensive plastic surgery.

  1. V-Face Programme:
    of the jaw with Ultherapy cheeks
  2. Age Reverse Face Slimming:
    of the jaw with cheek/jaw thread lift
  3. VNaturally Programme:
    Ultherapy cheeks with 3 Super Trio RF Treatments (Duration: 3 months)
  4. Face Contour Programme:
    of the jaw with 3 Super Trio RF Treatments (Duration: 4 months)
  5. Total Whitening Programme:
    3 whitening laser treatments + 3 dynamic pulsed light treatments + oral medications and whitening cream (Duration: 6 months)

Alternatively, make an appointment to consult our doctor on a customised face contouring programme just for you. There is a variety of non-invasive aesthetic treatments that the doctor can use alone or in combination to sculpt your face for a dramatic beauty makeover:

  1. Facial slimming: The most common method for facial slimming is to reduce the size of the jaw muscle by administering Toxin A ( or Dysport).
  2. A v-line face can be achieved by a combination of machines and thread lifts. Ultherapy is an US FDA-approved procedure, which utilises focused ultrasound energy for non-surgical skin tightening. When directed at a deeper level, Ultherapy is effective for the cheek fat pads as well. Thread lifts are also effective methods for lifting of the cheek fat pad for that v-shaped face.
  3. 3D projection (sculpting and enhancement of facial features) using a combination of techniques involving machines, threads, and fillers for nose, cheek, chin, and other parts of the face is a very effective way to create the sculpted look common among Korean celebrities.
  4. Fairer skin is achieved through whitening treatments using lasers, serums, and treatment facials.
  5. Bigger eyes, brow lifts, Aegyo Sal (creating of eyebags) are other enhancements, which can be achieved through non-surgical means for those final touches to refine and enhance your features.