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Face Contouring

Contouring is an intricate art involving a range of treatments tailored specifically to your face. One way to find out what works for you is to walk into the clinic! With help from a palette of techniques such as fillers, Botox® shots, threadlifts, and Ultherapy®, you may soon find yourself with a higher nose bridge, slimmer jaw line, sharper chin, and even that v-shaped face that is so popular with Korean celebrities. All this without the need for going through the inconvenience associated with plastic surgery.

Have your face shaped by us

Our doctor draws from a variety of non- and minimally-invasive aesthetic treatments that can be used alone or in combination, to help you achieve the look that you desire. Take your time to decide if you want a subtle change or a dramatic makeover!

Treatments include:

  1. Facial slimming: The most common method for facial slimming is to reduce the size of the jaw muscle by administering botulinum neuromodulators (Botox®, Dysport® or Xeomin®).

  2. Contouring a v-shaped face: This can be achieved through filler and injecting botulinum neuromodulators to slim the jawline. These treatments can be combined with machine treatments like Ultherapy® and threadlifts to achieve more dramatic results. Ultherapy® is an US FDA-approved procedure, which utilises focused ultrasound energy for non-surgical skin tightening. When directed at a deeper level, Ultherapy® is effective for the cheek fat pads as well. Threadlifts are also effective for lifting the cheek fat pad for that v-shaped face.

  3. Celebrity face sculpt with 3D projection: This is the contouring and enhancement of facial features through a combination of techniques involving machines, threads, and fillers for nose, cheek, chin, and other parts of the face to create the sculpted look popularised by Korean celebrities. The effect you can achieve through this method includes a fuller forehead, higher nosebridge, sharper nose tip, bigger eyes, brow lifts, and aegyo sal (creating of eyebags).


To find out more about face contouring, watch our videos.

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